UniResMan Hotel Property Management Software

UniResMan Hotel Property Management

UniResMan is a full featured Hotel Property Management System for single or multiple lodging properties.  UniResMan will manage your reservations, deposits, check ins, check outs, guest folios, payments, sales & audit reports, housekeeping, maintenance and yield management, with a strong interface to many popular accounting systems.  Hoteliers will find UniResMan a flexible, affordable and reliable solution for front desk, room and guest management.

Improve your customer service by having guest history at your fingertips, remember guest preferences and improve your guest experience.

Increase your revenue by effectively managing reservations, rooms and rates. 

Reduce your costs by integrating all your systems: Website Bookings, Central Reservation Systems, Call Accounting Systems, In-room services, Back Office Accounting and more!

UniResMan is suitable for independent and boutique hotels, resorts, motels,  villas, apartments, hostels, and chartered yachts. 

Based in Vancouver, Canada, UniResMan is sold and supported in 15 countries by more than 60 business partners. 

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