UniResMan Hotel Property Management Software


UniResMan ships with dozens of standard reports created with industry standard Crystal Reports.  Custom reports can be developed based on your specific requirements, please inquire for further information..  Additionally, custom reports can be built using the included Inquiry Engine - allowing you to extract specific data from your database, and export to Excel or print to file.

- Reservation Confirmation
- Registration Cards
- Guest Cards
- Guest Folio

- Housekeeping Report
- Room Status
- Maintenance Incidents

- Arrival List
- Departure List
- In House
- Reservation Uptake
- Setup Reports
- Occupancy Reports

- Deposits Paid
- Lost Revenue
- Trace Reports

- Sales Reports
- Agent Production
- Sales by Market Segment
- Executive Reports
- Business on the Books

- City Ledger
- G/L, A/R, A/P Transactions
- Cashier’s Reports
- Agent Commissions
- Full suite of audit reports

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Smart Hotel Software Vancouver Aug 17-19, 2008

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