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The UniResMan Partner Network is a collection of Software Experts, Resellers and Support personnel responsible for selling, installing and supporting the UniResMan Property Management System.

Members of the UniResMan Partner Network are integral in connecting with hospitality clients all over the world. Potential hospitality clients include Hotels, Motels, Lodges, B&B’s, RV or Caravan Parks, Campsites, Casinos, Mining Camps, Logging Camps, Recreation Properties, Yacht Charters, Marinas and more. 

Many members of our partner network have come from the accounting software channel.  In many cases, these sellers have sold accounting software to hospitality customers.  Adding the UniResMan product to their offering has allowed them to better serve the customers they already have.  In other cases, private consultants or software resellers have taken on UniResMan as a way to diversify their product offering and/or focus on a local hospitality market. 

UniResMan is currently represented in over 15 countries by more than 75 Partners.

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