UniResMan Hotel Property Management Software

Frequently Asked Questions

    • Does the software handle Multi Properties?
        • Yes.  UniResMan is suitable for a single property or multi properties.  In fact it will group properties into Chains if you have a lot or properties.
    • What about Guest History and marketing tools?
        • UniResMan keeps extensive Guest History, including a complete stay history that details every stay, the property, the room type, the room, the arrival dates, the number of nights and the total spend.  You can also track any guest preferences and any “extras” or package elements that a guest enjoyed.  UniResMan uses Microsoft Sequel Server for its database, so connecting to any Microsoft Office product, like Excel or Word is very easy.
        • Enhanced marketing is accomplished by utilizing the link between UniResMan and Sage CRM, a superior Customer Relationship Management product that has excellent marketing abilities.
    • Can I capture reservations from my own web site?
        • Yes.  Your web site can perform an availability search in your live inventory and make a booking right into your reservation file with no messy import or re-keying.
    • Can I track the inventory I allot to the various internet booking engines (GDS/IDS)?
        • Yes.  UniResMan will track your allotments to your booking engines with active release dates.  We track allotments, reservations and the balance remaining.
    • Is there an Accounting Interface?
        • Yes.  UniResMan has a very strong (perhaps the best in the industry) interface to many popular accounting systems.  Transactions are automatically transferred to your accounting system with no messy imports or re-keying.
    • What about Point of Sale (POS) and Food & Beverage (F&B)?
        • UniResMan interfaces directly with many popular POS and F&B systems.  Transactions are automatically transferred from these systems directly onto the guest folio, typically appearing in 10-20 seconds.
    • Can I use UniResMan for my In House Spa or Golf Course?
        • Yes.  UniResMan is a good solution for an in house Spa or Golf Course.  Reservations can be made for Spa Treatments or Golf Rounds and billed directly to the guest’s room.
    • How does the software connect to the other systems in my property like the telephone call accounting system and the in-room movie system?
        • UniResMan provides seamless integration to the various systems on your property that produce guest folio transactions, including telephone call accounting, in-room movies, point of sale and food & beverage (bars and restaurants).
    • Does the software accommodate Groups?
        • Yes.  UniResMan has specific functionality to track Groups, with the tour operator paying part and the guest part, or the guest paying all, or any combination of payment.
    • Can I package some extras with the room?
        • Yes, UniResMan allows you to create a wide variety of packages.  You are limited only by your imagination in creating package elements.  You can include them with the room, charge extra or not charge at all.
    • Can I add extras to a booking “on the fly”?
        • Yes, UniResMan allows you to add package elements to any reservation in order to customize the reservation to the customer’s wishes.
    • Can I track things besides rooms at my property?
        • Yes, UniResMan allows you to track more that just rooms.  For example you could track the number of extra beds you have and what rooms they are supposed to be in.  You are limited only by your imagination as to what you want to keep track of.
    • Will the software handle Split Folios?
        • Yes, UniResMan allows you to have as many folios per reservation as you want.  Room charges can be prorated against each of the guests, against one guest or against a corporate account or a combination.  Easy to use but very flexible.
    • Will the software allow for Corporate Accounts paying later?
        • Yes, UniResMan does not require payment at time of check out.  If the guest is set up in the accounting system as a customer, then UniResMan will transfer the debt over to Accounts Receivable for collection.
    • Does the software track Maintenance Incidents?
        • Yes, UniResMan has a full featured maintenance module - tracking incident priorities, response times, staff assignments and incident details.  Designed to be clear and easy to use for maintenance personnel.
    • Will the software help me with Housekeeping?
        • Yes, UniResMan has a full set of housekeeping features to help you track where you are in the housekeeping cycle.
    • What about Security?
        • UniResMan provides extensive security with respect to the software.  You can assign users specific tasks to perform and restrict what they are able to do.  Logging of reservation changes provides a clear audit of who did what and when.
    • Does the software provide protection for Guest Credit Card Numbers?
        • Yes.  UniResMan stores guest credit card numbers in an encrypted format.  This means that even if your system is hacked, no useful credit card information is available.  Inside UniResMan, even looking at credit card numbers will record an entry in the security log.
    • Do you have Reference Sites?
        • Yes.  UniResMan has solid reference sites.  Please inquire for a reference site similar to your size and type of operation.
    • How is support provided?
        • UniResMan support is typically provided by a local Certified UniResMan Business Partner.  In the event there is no one close by, the nearest certified partner will provide support.
    • What are the system requirements for UniResman?
        • The system requirements for UniResMan can be found here.
    • How much does UniResMan cost?
        • UniResMan is priced per number of rooms (resources) you want to control plus the number of interfaces you require (POS, accounting, web site etc.).  Please contact UniResMan sales for pricing details.
    • How can I contact UniResMan?
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