UniResMan Hotel Property Management Software

      UniResMan Certification Training


    This session is designed to provide attendees with the technical skills required to:

    • Do an effective product presentation
    • Do a complete installation at a client property
    • Set up the UniResMan database
    • Set up the data files to clients’ specifications
    • Train users at client properties
    • Provide ongoing technical support services

    For training on developing an effective marketing campaign and sales presentations, please  register for Sales Training.

    This course is run as 3 days of classroom training or 5 half (4-5 hours) via the internet.  Attendees are expected to install the software prior to the training.

    What to Bring: Your notebook computer with ACCPAC Advantage Series version 5.3 SM, GL, AR &  AP running MS-SQL Server and MS-SQL sample data and 1 GB of available disk space.  Please also have your MS-SQL password available.



    A brief review of UniDevCo and the potential for  ACCPAC Business Partners in this lucrative industry.  The  hospitality industry is one of the largest and fastest growing in the world  which has been largely out of reach for most ACCPAC Business Partners; until now.


    We will explore the flexibility of the UniResMan architecture that makes it a viable front desk and guest management solution for properties of all sizes.

    You will learn:

      The relationship between Chain, Location and Category.

      What are Resources as opposed to Objects and how to manage  them.

      How to implement different Seasons and Rates.

      How to set up Guests.


      Getting started (Master File).

      Determining and setting the various options.

    User Work Flow

      The Control Screen - What it shows and how to use it.



      Miscellaneous Charges/Adjustments & Payments

      Reports & Inquiries

      Certification Exam

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Smart Hotel Software Vancouver Aug 17-19, 2008

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